LANDBOSS v1.27.6 Released

Version 1.27.6 includes a new Activity Report and a new Search Users screen.

New Features

  • Added a user filter to the Time and Expense Summary Report.
  • Added an Activity Report under the Employee Reports group.
  • Added notifications for when a lease has its status changed, as well as a new permission to help control which users receive them.
  • Leases that have the Use Tract Descriptions box on the Parties & Tracts tab checked, will automatically have for their legal descriptions updated when the legal description of an attached tract is updated.
  • Replaced the Choose User screen in the Admin section with a Search User screen, providing more filtering options.
  • Removed 3rd party leases from the new average NRI calculation on the Prospect - Dashboard and moved the average for them into a new set of lines.
  • Added some new formatting options for the royalty on Lease Forms.
  • Added Lease Form fields for the lessee and lessor email addresses.

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected several issues with the new search screens.
  • Fixed client side validation for when attempting to save a new prospect without specifying at least one county.
  • Corrected some small issues with the Tract Chain of Title screen.
  • The Recently Viewed sidebar blocks weren't working properly on the new search screens only; no other screens were affected, but this is now corrected.