LANDBOSS v1.28.5 Released

Loads of issues, too numerous to list, were fixed and quite a few customer requested features were added in this long awaited Landboss release.

New Features

  • Added sort options to the chain of title report.
  • Renamed the is contact to is primary for party addresses since it makes more sense.
  • Added a new tract exporter that exports tract owner data to a csv file.
  • It is now possible to run the open leasehold report for a single tract.
  • Added a net 45 billing term when invoicing.
  • Updated the total obligation calculation to ignore bank fees.
  • Updated time and expense sheet page to use the average bill rate in the summary when there is more than one rate being applied.
  • The search timesheet link on the rejected entry notification will now automatically initiate a search for just rejected entries.
  • The prospect contact person will now be saved to the invoice during generation so that historical data remains correct.
  • Re-wrote the lease form system so that the field list is now dynamically generated and always up-to-date.
  • Added support for linking the bottom lease to a top lease and added mail merge fields for the bottom lease filing info, etc.
  • Added lease obligation payments to P&L report.
  • Updated lease invoice generation to allow lease invoices for $0.00.
  • Added mail merge field for the lease notes field.
  • Updated mapping so that the label font size is now user definable by using the new font size combo box on the layer settings menu (the gear at the top right of the map).

Errors Fixed

  • Corrected incorrect section numbers for the map of township 4N 3E in Marion county, IL.
  • Corrected issue with plat page of OR that was preventing uploaded image files from being displayed.
  • Corrected rare issue that was causing time entries to not load on the view timesheet screen.
  • Corrected layout of company info screen so that a wide logo does not push controls around.
  • Corrected issue with lessor address mail merge fields.
  • It is now possible to set the status of a lease back to unknown after setting it to some status.
  • Corrected party tracts screen so that it uses the saved net mineral acreage instead of auto-calculating it.
  • Corrected link to leasehold summary report on the prospect dashboard.
  • Updated the bank fees system billing code so that it is marked as an expense.
  • Updated bonus obligation auto-creation so that it correctly includes the bank fees.
  • Updated leasehold report so that it correctly totals ORRI's.
  • Corrected time and expense summary report that was causing the expenses to sometimes not be listed.
  • Corrected bad url for search timesheets page that was being used on the notifications screen.
  • Updated party merge so that leasehold records are also merged.
  • Updated party merge so that party documents are also merged.
  • Corrected issue with the renewed expiration date mail merge field.

Other Changes

  • The leasing agent combo box on the search leases screen is now sorted.