UnitK Software Acquires Landboss from Interworks

Effective March 31st, UnitK Software, LLC has purchased all rights and assets for the Landboss, Mineralboss, and Titleboss products from InterWorks, Inc.

InterWorks is a Stillwater, OK based company that was formed in 1995. It began work on Landboss, an online land and lease management application, at the end of 2008 and continued developing and marketing the product over the next several years. In early 2013, it released the Mineralboss product which is also an online application, designed to manage mineral and royalty interests. Titleboss, an application for running title, was conceived and prototyped but never released.

Since 2015, InterWorks has continued to maintain Landboss and Mineralboss but shelved Titleboss and development of the products has remained fairly static while the company has focused on other product and service offerings.

UnitK Software is a newly formed software company based in Oklahoma City, OK. Its product offerings are limited to the newly acquired products from InterWorks with plans to expand its portfolio in the future. In the near term, active development on Landboss will resume while the company evaluates the future of Mineralboss development.

For current customers of Landboss and Mineralboss, the transition should be fairly unnoticeable as service and support will continue uninterrupted and David Wagner, the current Product Manager of Landboss and Mineralboss, will continue in that role.

More information on UnitK Software and its plans for the products will be forthcoming.