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Navigating Your Oil and Gas Company

Aargh mateys! As you know, the oil and gas industry is fiercly competitive and dare I say it, at times more than a little cutthroat. Don't worry though, your favorite pirate ship captain "Devil" Dave is looking out for you.If you are wondering why I chose to go with a pirate theme for this blog it is because every time I hear the word "navigating" I think of pirates. Just go with it.

Spreadsheets Sighted Captain!

Here it is the 21st century and many oil and gas companies are still using spreadsheets and notepads to track things like mineral ownership, lease offers, and chain of title. LANDBOSS is the modern solution for these tasks and we are making it even easier to use. Aargh!

We're Lost Captain!

Me and the other pirate ship captains on the team found that the current location and style of the menu system in LANDBOSS can be a bit hard to find.


The links are smallish, they don't stand out very well, and it isn't clear that they are navigation links. To make it easier for you to navigate the tool that helps you navigate your company, we have redesigned the sub menu. Aargh!

Land Ho Captain!

We moved the menu and combined it with the new QuickSearch feature to make it easier to see, we made each link bigger and made them look like buttons, and made the important "Create" button even bigger and easier to find.


The new design not only results in a cleaner interface but as a bonus some pages in LANDBOSS (Ownership and Chain of Title were the two big ones) were redesigned to make room for the new menu style which resulted in a lot of useability improvements. Aargh!

Friendly Seas Ahead

LANDBOSS will help keep you out of Davy Jones' Locker and help increase your plunder. Has "Devil" Dave ever steered you wrong? Aargh!

No pirates were harmed while writing this blog.