LANDBOSS v1.02.1 Released

Today a small maintenace release was deployed live. Any high-priority fixes and requests will be included in subsequent maintenance releases, but our next major release (1.03) is not planned until January.

New Features

  • Lease mail merge fields will now use the format <First> <Middle> <Maiden> <Last> for individuals that are merged into lessee/lessor name fields.

Errors Fixed

  • Fixed a minor error where bill/pay rates could be added without a user/client, and would instead be added to the main client/user rate.
  • Fixed multiple issues with deleting bill/day/mileage rates and the displayed information not updating.
  • Added client validation to import pages to fix an error where multiple columns could be mapped to a single LANDBOSS field, which would cause problems with the import validation process.
  • Fixed an error where duplicate clients could accidentally be created by clicking the "Save" button on the create client window multiple times.
  • Fixed import pages that were not sorting LANDBOSS field drop downs.
  • Fixed several errors that could occur when uploading files with too long a filename.
  • Changing the county on the tract info page would not clear the PLSS section field. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed a small error with the tract info page's client validation when creating new surveys.
  • Fixed a couple errors relating to entering new party names on the tract ownership page.
  • Fixed an error where prospects with leases in them could not be deleted.

Other Changes

  • Invoice creation now displays landmen name in the format <Last>, <First> to be consistent with the payroll module.
  • Changed the fields that will pre-populate when creating a new tract from a previously created tract. Only those fields that have to do with physical location (state, county, etc) are copied.