LANDBOSS v1.32 Released

Several user requested features in this release!


  • Added ability to enforce the county, STR, and/or tract for time entries made for certain clients. Find the new settings on the Client Accounting Setup screen in the Admin section.
  • The Expiring Lease Report now supports a specific date range instead of just a number of months in the future.
  • Updated invoice generation process to give some better user feedback when something goes wrong.
  • Added "By Billing Code" invoice format. It works like the existing "Each Section by Billing Code" format but makes only one invoice.
  • Activity entries are now automatically associated with the current record as well as whichever record is chosen (for example, the tract AND a party on the tract). This allows prospect specific entries for a party.
  • Added new accounting related report called the Billing Summary Report that summarizes the labor and expenses for prospects at either the county, STR, or tract level.


  • Fixed sorting by Tract on the Enter Time screen.
  • The Client Search screen in the admin section now correctly requires the Client Admin permission.
  • Fixed minor styling issue on the Activity Report landing screen.

Hotfix 1.32.1 (11/6/2019)

  • Fixed sub-header on the Expiring Lease Report so that the correct end date is now shown.
  • The new time entry location requirement settings on the Client Accounting Setup screen will now correctly default to unchecked for new clients.

Hotfix 1.32.2 (11/19/2019)

  • Fixed issue with date filter on the new Billing Summary Report.

Hotfix 1.32.3 (11/20/2019)

  • Fixed issue with STR grouping on the new Billing Summary Report.
  • Fixed logo link in the header that was broken when viewing some screens.
  • Fixed searching by client name when adding a client specific pay rate to a user.

Hotfix 1.32.4 (4/30/2020)

  • It is now possible to set an invoice to unpaid after using the "Set Paid" button.

Hotfix 1.32.5 (7/24/2020)

  • Added support for SameSite cookie standard.

Hotfix 1.32.6 (5/26/2021)

  • Fixed default value of the include paid flag on the invoice search screen.

Hotfix 1.32.7 (5/28/2021)

  • Added include tract descriptions option to acquisition status report.